I’ve spent what feels like the better part of my adult life trying to come up with interesting “band bios” for various projects and bands I’ve been involved with. They always come out sounding contrived and cringe-worthy. This is probably as much of a testament to my writing ability as it is to the “essence of the band bio”, but regardless, they are hard to do well and mine are always bad. And at this time in my life, maybe to your surprise, I don’t quite have the financial leeway to hire a full-time writer specializing in Galen-flavored content. So, in an attempt to combat this problem, I’ve decided to try and introduce myself in a more natural way.

Hello, my name is Galen. I’ve loved music since I was small. I started out singing in choirs and playing clarinet in concert bands. In high school I joined my first rock band, The Beds, and after a few performances I was totally hooked. We continued playing when we could as we all made our way to college in different parts of the country. In college, I joined a band called Ultraviolet Ballet, who played funk-rock and an inordinate amount of Prince covers. UVB continued as we graduated and we all moved to Charlottesville, VA. We played for a couple years and then fizzled out. After a couple months without any direction, I decided to record a solo album. I collected songs I’d written as far back as college, and with some of my good musician friends, we recorded Some Perspective. After a couple years of playing around Virginia, I moved to Austin, TX to work on tunes for my next record. After playing solo for a while, running a successful Kickstarter campaign, and releasing my new record (The Way the World Works), I headed back to Virginia to reunite with my band. Now I play my tunes as much as I can with the band and with my family trio, The Currys.

I’m very grateful that I’m able to play so much music with so many great people on such a regular basis. Thanks to a supportive family and friends who keep turning up at my shows, I’ve gotten to a point in this timeline where I am comfortable with my songwriting and performing abilities, and it feels good.

I hope this was somewhat informative. If you’d like to read something that is more like a pitch or a musical resume, you are welcome to check out my Sonicbids account. Thanks!